I’m making 3 chests of drawers for a kitchen, with the following 2 designs… 
I’ve selected the species of wood. The pale ones are ripple ash and aspen. The darker ones are plum and cherry. 
Both designs are based on the same grid, so I stared by drawing this out full size. 
I then had to decide on the direction of the grain for each piece by doing a rough sketch. 
There are many ways to cut veneer. The curves on both designs all have the same radius, so I bought a gouge with a curve that is near to what I need and roll it around the curve to get it as close as possible. 
I gradually piece the pattern together with veneer tape to form a patchwork. 
Some photos of the completed chests of drawers… 
I was asked to make an extra piece with open shelves to house a microwave oven. 
There’s oodles of storage space, especially with the inner drawers. All the drawers spring open by pushing on the drawer front. 
I’m very happy with the way these substantial pieces sit in the finished kitchen. They complement the other solid items, such as the Aga, whilst the geometric patterns prevent everything looking too bulky. 
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